We’re excited to be adding this shop to our website. The core of the business has always been producing one off, hand made bespoke pieces. This is great and we are passionate about it, but we also want to bring high quality pieces to a wider audience. By introducing a range of ‘off shelf’ items we can offer people the same quality of goods, but with greater clarity and economy

We still make each piece to order, so if you need a slight variation then we are happy to accomadate. If you need something significantly different, great, that’s what we do! We can make anything you need so just get in touch

As each item is made to order there is a lead time of around 4-6 week for receiving an order to completion. If you have specifc schedule requirements then why not get it touch and we wil do what we can to help

The products we make are big and heavy, which makes posting somewhat of an issue. We can post toilets nationally, but the boxes are trickier. If you are local then a van or courier delivery can be arranged. Further afield, let us know and we’ll work something out

Great, happy shopping and let us know if you have any feedback. So far we have just the two main ranges, but we hope to be expanding this in the near future so watch this space!!