Terms & Conditions

This is a list of terms and conditions for work to be undertaken by Cluett Carpentry. It serves primarily to clarify what is expected of the client when a commission is agreed. Variation from these standards must be discussed before the commencement of works otherwise it will be assumed that the client accepts said conditions and agrees to adhere to them. Client's failure to comply with the listed terms and conditions may incur additional costs at the contractor's discretion.

  • Any quote price given is dependent on the job remaining as originally agreed in the quote. Any alterations to the job are chargeable as extras at the contractor's discretion.
  • The final invoice for a job will give a figure for total cost. If more detailed information or documentation is required then this must be agreed prior to commencement of the works and may incur additional administrative costs.
  • Deconstruction and removal of existing items and waste eg. old alcove unit or kitchen units, is not included unless specified.
  • Any materials, plans, designs, details and decisions that are required from the client are to be provided correct and in good time to the contractor.
  • For delivery and fitting a provisional date will be given on acceptance of quote. This will be confirmed during or after completion of production. It is expected that access to site will be provided as arranged. The client accepts liability for clearing the area where the work is to be carried out, eg moving personal effects and, where appropriate, furniture.
  • The client undertakes to provide electricity, water and WC access to the contractor during fitting and decoration.
  • Storage of some tools and waste material on site is assumed for the duration of fitting and decoration.
  • Payment of balance of final invoice is expected within five working days unless otherwise arranged.
  • Any changes or additions to the agreed work are chargeable as extras. All work and materials remain property of the contractor until full payment has been received.
  • The client undertakes to divulge any pertinent information prior to commencement of work.
  • While advice can be given on suitability of design if the client chooses to differ from that advice then they accept liability.
  • If work is halted/cancelled prior to completion an invoice will be issued for materials, labour and costs incurred until the point at which work is halted.
  • If parking charges or controls are in effect at the site, it is expected that the client will provide adequate permits. This is not included in the price unless specifically agreed.
  • If a job or jobs are split into smaller parts after accepting a quotation there may be additional costs charged to the client for any extra expenses incurred.
  • Timber products are potentially vulnerable to damage from extreme conditions, no liability is taken for pieces that are not maintained responsibly or that are subjected to extreme conditions, e.g. large humidity changes, extreme heat etc.
  • Natural variation in timber colour and grain pattern etc. is to be expected and is part of the charm of natural materials.